about SweetArt

SweetArt is a family-owned bakeshop.cafe.art studio located in the St. Louis city. Our mission is to change lives (our staff and our customers’) for the better, not only by providing the best desserts in St. Louis, but by being caring enough to create an atmosphere and community of service. We are honored to be of service to our staff who allow us the opportunity to live our dream, and to our customers who support this dream.

Why SweetArt Rocks

SweetArt is all about deliciousness and community. We make it a point to support other small, locally-owned businesses in our community by sourcing as many of our ingredients and equipment from our area.

Little things like recycling and never using Styrofoam make a big difference in our world, and we are committed to helping the planet by being respectful of it.

We don’t take shortcuts on the ingredients that matter, choosing to use Plugra butter, Valrhona cocoa, and Callebaut chocolate to give a gourmet twist to our old-school treats.

Our drive is just as important as our ingredients. We don’t get comfortable. We work and work and work … and then re-work so many of our great recipes to make them even greater; to make them great with butter and eggs, then to make them great without them, if needed, for a customer. This is old-school baking which is an art. And we are artists who are passionate about coming as close to perfect as possible.

We don’t use mixes (many bakeries do). We sift our flour, cream our butter, and crack our eggs—all steps leading toward scratch-made deliciousness. It takes longer and costs more money to do it this way, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Makes it Taste so Good?

People always ask us, “How do you make it taste so good?” Besides using the best ingredients we can find, it’s the added touch of love and magic. You can’t buy love and magic. Those ingredients come from having pride and delight in what we do.

Come taste the love and magic. It’s our honor to serve you. Truly.

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