We have several customers who’ve become our resident “cookie monsters”. In a shop that’s become known for it’s cupcakes, it’s a true statement that some people come in only for our cookies. SO many kinds, with different textures, buttery, crispy, tender ... ridiculous.

  • Maine Events - named after my brother, Jermaine, who was the first to say, “You could sell this cookie, sis.” Our signature chocolate chunk-chip cookie that beats every other chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever have. Ever.
  • L.I.G.s (life is good) - Oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chip cookie developed one night when I had to remind myself that life is good. This cookie is the proof!
  • Ginger Kisses - the perfectly balanced molasses ginger cookie. Buttery, thin, yet tender. We can’t keep saying it’s the best ginger cookie you’ll ever have…but it is.
  • Chai-Spice Snickerdoodle—snickerdoodles are classic cinnamon cookies, but we thought what could make this better? So we decided to add our house-made chai spice blend. Yup ... now it’s pretty perfect.
  • Lemon Sunshine - lemon zest and very fancy lemon oil make this cookie a stunner.
  • Momma’s Peanut Butter Cookie - (vegan) my mother made one cookie from scratch and this was it. It is my favorite cookie of all time because she always made it with love. We do the same.
  • And so many others! We are truly artists in the kitchen coming up with cookie flavor combinations all the time. Swing by to check us out.
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