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meet reine keis

pronounced [rain keeys]

Chef Reine Keis, the talented creator behind SweetArt St. Louis, delights in crafting a wide array of delectable treats. While her specialty lies in plant-based cuisine and desserts, her culinary journey began in McKenzie, Tennessee, before blossoming in the vibrant cities of Los Angeles and St. Louis, where she grew up surrounded by her loving family and three brothers.

Reine’s deep-rooted passion for desserts was further nurtured during her time studying abroad in Lyon, France – a pivotal experience that solidified her love for all things sweet. Armed with degrees in English Literature and French from Saint Louis University. After working a few cubicle jobs—while coming home to bake whatever her heart desired and allergen-free alternatives to her sonshine, Reine decided to take a shot at the dream of owning and operating a small bakeshop.

In December 2008, SweetArt Bakeshop and Art Studio opened its doors, and under Reine’s skilled guidance, it continues to flourish to this day. Yet, her ambitions reach beyond the bakeshop. Reine is also the visionary behind the Love and Magic Mixes, a brand that aims to inspire those less confident in the kitchen with its array of plant-based recipes and captivating stories.

Fueling her passion for all things culinary, Reine travels the world, gathering inspiration from esteemed chefs and sharing her expertise by cooking for special events and enlightening others on the joys of intuitive cooking and eating. As a testament to her unwavering dedication, Chef Reine released her eagerly anticipated cookbook, aptly titled The Love & Magic Kitchen. Indulge in the enticing journey that lies ahead for SweetArt St. Louis and join Chef Reine Keis as she continues to create culinary magic.