Completing the Cake Request Form below does not guarantee your order until your payment is received at least 72 hours in advance.

SweetArt plant-based cakes are made from-scratch for any occasion. Our signature cakes are created and designed the SweetArt way, meaning, we do not do custom decorations. We promise your cake will be beautiful, classy, and delicious with one of our original designs.


Please read the full details below before completing the SweetArt Cake Order Form.

We offer three (3) layer cakes:

6″ Feeds up to 12: $60.00

8″ Feeds up to 20: $80.00

We offer two (2) layer cakes perfect for first birthdays or weekends alone:

6″ “Smash Cakes”: $30.00

Payment is due at least 72 hours before pickup. There are NO REFUNDS for last-minute cancellations, NOR late/forgotten pickups.

Cancellations must be made a minimum of 72-hours before pickup date and time. 

Pickup hours are Wednesday-Saturday 12:00pm-3:30pm. No cake order pickups on Sundays. We do not offer delivery of cakes at this time.

In the event of inclement weather, you can call to reschedule your pickup.

If it’s hot outside, please do not leave your cake in your car. It will melt. We promise you… It. Will. Melt. 

Your car should be extremely cool before placing your cake in it.

If you purchase a cake and refrigerate it, it will stay fresh for up to four (4) days unsliced.

Please allow the cake to rest at room temperature for at least two (2) hours before serving.


If you really need a girl hula-hooping under a rainbow of sprinkles next to her favorite dog, we are not the bakeshop for you. Please be mindful of the cake size before requesting a long inscription – “We think you are the baddest on the planet, Sheila!!!” won’t fit on a 6” nor on an 8” cake.

SweetArt Cake Request Form

All of our cakes contain coconut, gluten, and are SOY-FREE. Please note that our kitchen is not allergen-free. We work with gluten, nuts, and coconut… all in the same kitchen. While we work hard to avoid cross-contamination, if you are allergic to anything we use, please do not order a treat from us.

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